Reimagining Modular Construction

ToVee (pronounced TOW-V) is a newly formed company based in Akron, Ohio, that is reimagining modular construction as the solution to the future of commercial building, utilizing cold form custom steel rolling and fabrication. Frustrated by the traditional methods of on-site construction, we created a solution that reduces cost, compresses scheduling, and is more sustainable from start to finish.

ToVee produces Volume Elements (VEs) in a state-of-the-art, temperature controlled production facility. Framed with steel, the VEs are prefabricated, fully finished living units, customized to the requirements of each project. Finished VEs are shipped to the desired site, and can be stacked up to 8 floors, where installation crews make the final connections. Our unique process leverages the benefits of modular construction, while ensuring high quality production, modern aesthetics and sustainable design. ToVee is the ideal solution for affordable and market rate multifamily, hospitality and student housing construction projects. ToVee’s residential division specializes in customized, affordable and sustainable single family homes.