Project Description

Akron’s next high-rise apartment building will be built in a factory. The One Twenty at 120 S. Hawkins Ave., a proposed 152-unit apartment building that will cover the northwest corner at Hawkins and Alden avenues.This eight-story undertaking in Wallhaven will feature a sleek, modern design with a street-level row of windowed storefronts, underground parking, attached town homes and six stories of luxury studio and bedroom apartments.

In all, the mix of retail and living space will cover a 30,265-square-foot slice of a 4.5-acre vacant and often muddy lot about a block south of where West Exchange Street, West Market Street and Hawkins Avenue converge. The flat-roofed building will feature earth-tone, pre-fabricated metal panels and a wood-and-brick-veneer finish. A wall of windows will set off the property’s storefronts along Hawkins. Mixed throughout the architecture are “bands of pre-cast concrete, metal mesh railings, cantilevered metal canopies and roof overhangs,” according to planning documents submitted to the city.