We're a Commercial General Contractor

We Stay on Budget and Time

Traditional on site construction is inefficient, costly, and unpredictable. By taking the process into a factory setting, ToVee eliminates key factors driving these issues. Weather conditions such as rain and snow, damage materials and cause delays in schedule. In the production facility, we receive all materials and store them in temperature controlled areas maintaining the integrity of the supplies. Production of the VEs which includes all framing, rough ins, and finishes takes place in designated areas throughout the factory. By controlling most of the process, we stay on budget and on time.


ToVee understands that sustainability is a must in today’s world and our holistic approach includes the construction processes as well as the material components that become the finished Volume Elements. Our design and engineer teams focus on fabricating the VEs using technology to attain the greatest accuracy in measurements. However, there is always material waste in construction. We partnered with Michigan Tech University as a corporate sponsor in a program that has developed a way to recycle waste streams. They’ve created a compound that mixes drywall waste and cardboard boxes with a resinand turns it into a gel that we can use as insulation. This environmentally safe application is one small way we stay green and manage costs in the overall process. ToVee partners with preferred venders to use low flow plumbing fixtures, LED lighting, low VOC paint, and energy star appliances and windows.

Tober Building is a Design Build Company